Our Rates

Sea Freight Rates

Our sea freight rates are calculated based on the following while adhering to the following considerations.

1. Items over USD $50.00

2. Items weighing more 20 lbs

Please be advised that duty is paid on our sea container; and as such, the duty is pro-rated and shared amongst all packages. 

A. Dimensions

(Length x Height x Width) , Amount of a Cubic Foot

B. Clearance Fee

Fees are calculated at 15-35% of invoice value.

C. Item Type

The type of items being shipped will be apart of our calculations. 

Contact us on WhatsApp for further info. 

D. Minimum Charges

Minimum Charges are JMD $3,500.00 

Frequently Asked Questions

Customs fees are charged on items that values USD$50.00 and more

No credit card? No problem.

We charge only 4% of the total value of your intended purchase which also includes, shipping from your online store to our warehouse in Florida. Please note that payment has to be made to use our card before any purchases are made.

Flash ship rewards program is our way of rewarding our customers for loyalty, you will earn points for each dollar spent and for each person referred, which can be used for discounts on future packages. You will be notified via email or you can login to your account and view your balance.

Toy Guns, Pepper Spray, Weapons including Swords, Guns, Ammunition, Radar Detectors, Unprocessed Meat, Live Animals, Firecrackers, Explosives, Lighters and matches, Camouflage, Cash

Yes, all invoices should be uploaded to our website by signing into your Flash Ship account and attach the invoice from there.

Invoices are required by Jamaica Customs to determine customs duty

Please convert invoices to PDF if you can.

(condition applies)

Custom Fees:

Packages deemed by Customs as intended for personal use, valued in excess of USD $50.00 (C.I.F.) may be subject to Customs Duty Charges. 

Please Note: It is the Importer’s responsibility to familiarize his or herself with the most recent Customs Regulations as it relates to the policies, procedures, import requirements, duties and taxes that may be applicable to importing packages into Jamaica.

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